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On the first stages of construction remote control of ventilating units was not provided. Due to the development of automatic equipment and telemechanics this process on some lines completely.

Existence at each of them of an electromechanical self-locking device and a protective site significantly increased traffic safety of trains. The structure braked at operation of a self-locking device within a protective site if it for any reasons did not stop at the traffic light with the forbidding indication.

The system of ARS contains a complex of the traveling and train devices providing automatic reduction of speed so that the distance to a place of an obstacle was not less brake way to each timepoint. Information on free sites of a way and admissible speed of the movement is transferred on rail chains. They carry out a role of sensors.

In use the system of automatic lock-out was continuously improved. So, for the purpose of increase in capacity started using control units of speed of the suitable and leaving trains to reduction of protective sites subsequently; carrying out of self-locking devices towards to the movement; opening of traffic lights, without expecting a full raising of a bracket of a self-locking device (the accelerated opening, and other actions which introduction allowed to increase the capacity of lines to 42 couples trains an hour.

In case of malfunction of a set of the ALS-ARS train devices on the head car the driver can use the duplicating. Also the scheme of giving of frequencies of ALS-ARS in rail chains, and the ALS-ARS traveling equipment changed. If earlier on each rail chain the generator of frequencies of ALS-ARS was installed, the group are applied now.