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An ode to start an essay with a hook Applying to write multiple points of view

Employee of department of MTO of plant. The purpose of his conversation with the foreman is obtaining necessary information on the potential supplier of any raw materials, fuel, a material resource, semi-finished product, knot, etc. Conversation has informal character.

At the command of conducting negotiations come to an end. As a result "chief" and "subordinate" have to come to the decision on that, how many people from department will be allocated for cleaning of the territory and to keep the benevolent relations.

Management should be considered as the special type of management necessary for economically independent object in market economy and representing system of the flexible enterprising management capable in due time to be reconstructed, sensitively to react to market condition, conditions of competitive fight and social factors of development.

The subordinate (the chief department tries to minimize number of the workers directed on cleaning of the territory. In the course of dialogue with the chief uses the methods of reasoning and a trick offered by the teacher for justification of own position.

The storekeeper of shop, also as well as the job foremaster, addresses to the foreman with problems and waits for their immediate decision (for example, the storekeeper can take an interest in terms of the forthcoming inventory in a warehouse; to discuss a problem of providing workers of shop with the special tool, etc.).

The employee of planned and dispatching department of shop asks to sign paper (for example, the report on performance the plan. Long looks for necessary sheets in the folder for papers, constantly apologizes for the not concentration and insists on the signature of the foreman.