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The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction consists in the following. In the channel of a lightning proceeds very powerful and ­ the current changing in time. He creates a powerful variable magnetic field in time. Such field the force of different size in metal contours. In places of rapprochement of contours between there can be electric discharges capable to ignite mixes and to cause an.

Existence of a set of the interacting factors gives a difficult picture of distribution of charges of ATE in and their parts. On experimental data the lower part of clouds most often has a negative charge, and top — positive, but opposite polarity of parts of a cloud can take place also. Clouds can mainly bear a charge of one sign also.

Issue of protons arises at crystallization of water particles (their transformation into snowflakes, gradinka), as thus ­ warmth of melting, equal 335 kJ/l. At impacts of droplets, snowflakes, work of a wind in the account leads a gradinok to issue of, to change of size of a charge of. Therefore, the atmospheric (ATE) and a static (STE) have the identical nature. They differ with the scale of formation of charges and the emitted particles (electrons or protons).

As conductor cables it is recommended to use metal of buildings and constructions, up to fire-escapes on buildings. resistance of each has to be no more than 10 Ohms, for external installations — no more than 50 Ohms.